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We, Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs, believe that the future is yours. Our mission is to enable juniors from the age of 10 to 17 years old to explore their passion for satellites and space technology and take their first steps on the path of a glowing career in these advanced professions. Our vision is to see you standing at the doorstep of the university/institution that will pave your way in the spectacular world of Space and Satellites.
Our online training and certification program will help you learn basic concepts, acquire practical skills and apply them yourself on a real sample dataset of satellite images.
We don’t only provide you with knowledge. We actually help you to verify this knowledge through an integrated serious testing system with open book exams. These exams validate your understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical skills you acquired throughout the course. They also issue you 3 certificates that accredit your achievement. These certificates will be the first awards on your wall of fame in the field of Satellites and Space Technology. 
Throughout your journey with us, you will pass three main milestones to become a …

  • Certified Junior Astronaut.
  • Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter.
  • Certified Junior Satellite Image Processing & Remote Sensing Specialist.

Your Future Career: After finishing your study with us, you can be a part of the success stories of undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals from all over the world, by continuing your next level of advanced studies in Space Technology career through enrolling in EgSA Space Technology Portal (, or in Satellite Image Processing & Geospatial Technology through the Remote Sensing Portal (

Also, you can search for current Job Opportunities in Space Career Websites Recommended by Us (below), Plan Your Future University Study/Career Right Now.

Who are we? Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs Company is a Global Online Education Developer and provider. We have established a world-class online Remote Sensing educational platform, “The Remote Sensing Portal” that offers Satellite Image Processing education to professionals in more than 100 countries. We’ve also earned the trust of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) to build their Space Technology online educational platform: “EgSA Space Technology Portal”. We are a “Developing Education Partner” of Hexagon’s Geospatial Division and a sustaining member of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Our educational products include Building Professional E-Learning websites for all professions, Certified Online Courses Developer certificate, and many others. 

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K12 Online Courses & Certificates

in "Satellite Image Processing" and "Space Science & Technology"

Develop your skills , enhance your future career, build your CV, and make the best use of your spare time / holidays


Certified Junior Astronaut Certificate

Can I one day get into the space career, or is it just a dream?! Yes, you can by qualifying yourself with the needed interesting studies right now, and by preparing your CV for Space-related jobs.... More

Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter Certificate

Fly in space and get ready to see how the Earth look like. Learn how to analyse and recognise Satellite images… More

Certified Junior Satellite Image Processing & Remote Sensing Specialist Certificate

Take off your space suit and join your colleagues at the Satellite Image Processing Unit. Start Satellite image processing in several fields & applications... More

Real Success Stories of Certified Schools and Individuals in Space & Satellite Technologies

Wherever you are in the world, start your (or your school's) success story now!!

Enjoy studying with us like those schools & students shown below... A JOURNEY YOU WILL NEVER REGRET!!


Become a Certified School in Space and Satellite Technologies & Applications

Watch real samples of successful schools, and check how to enroll in our schools program More

Curriculum Description & Students' Future Careers Benefits (English Version)

Check our Space and Satellite Technology Curriculum Description & Future Careers Benefits More

Curriculum Description & students' Future Careers Benefits (Arabic Version)

Arabic courses are ready for enrollment and study, Check the courses detailed description More

Check Students' and Teachers' Reviews and Sample Certificates

Students speak about the enjoyable experience they have gained, future career planning.. More

Your Future Career: What Can You Do Next after Finishing Your Study With us?

Join The Advanced Studies Portals Shown Below (15 years old & above) To Increase Your future Jobs In The Space or Geospatial Career

Search for Job Opportunities in Space Career Websites Recommended by Us (shown below), Plan Your Future University Study & Career Right Now.


Become Certified in Advanced Space and Satellites Technologies


Become Certified in Advanced Satellite Image Processing & Remote Sensing


Search for Space Job Opportunities, then Plan Your Further Study and Career Right Now.


Search for Jobs in Remote Sensing, Satellite Image Processing and Geospatial career.


Become a Certified Junior Astronaut FOR FREE online from home

if you are one of the first 2 applicants from your country (aged 10 to 17 years old)

To apply, press "login" from the top, then press "Register as a new user", fill the form, then the course will be opened within 24 hours


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