Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter Certificate

This certificate program aims to teach you how to analyse and recognise the contents of satellite images, how you can perform visual interpretation of the objects on satellite images and how to conclude and distinguish several characteristics and features about an object from how it looks on an image. It is time to do smart analysis using your mind. You will learn to do so by applying the visual interpretation elements: shape, size, shadow, color, tone, texture, pattern, height and depth, site, situation, and association. Finally you will become a “Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter”. Also, you will be qualified to move forward confidently to the next certificate to apply practical satellite image processing steps using Remote Sensing tools.

Your recommended Future Space Career steps are:

  1. Study our online courses available on the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy (this website).
  2. Search for jobs on Space Career websites recommended by us just to understand the job market needs (Shown on the home page).
  3. Move to further advanced studies on [The Remote Sensing Portal or EgSA Space Technology Portal].
  4. Plan and select your suitable university program based on the job market needs.
  5. Prepare your CV and apply in our recommended Space & Geospatial Career websites.
  6. Good Luck in your Space Career.


Now, Enroll, Become Certified and Enjoy!


2 - Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter Online Course & Tutorial

Put on your space suit and helmet and get ready to see how things look like from space… Details

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