Certified Junior Astronaut Certificate

This is a Space Science and Satellite Technology Course.
Can I one day get into the space career, or is it just a dream?!

Yes, you can by qualifying yourself with the needed interesting studies right now, and by preparing your CV for Space-related jobs.

Being an astronaut isn’t the only job you can get in the field of space. You can find many job opportunities available in various fields of space on the Space Career Websites recommended by us (on our homepage). This certificate program aims to introduce Space Science and Satellite Technology in a simple and attractive way. It will form the base knowledge you need as a start. Then you will be able to plan for your future career and select further studies or the appropriate university program.


Our video lectures and tutorials explain the basic components of a satellite system: Ground Segment, Space Segment, and Launcher. You will explore how a satellite is launched and who can launch a satellite into space.


You will understand a group of overview topics in a gradual sequence that matches the lifetime of a satellite from its start to its end. By the end of this certification program, you will know more about satellites, why they were invented and how they move in their orbits. You will also know about satellite classifications, missions, orbit types and how they affect the satellite mission.


Finally, you will know about satellite lifetime, what the effects that control a satellite lifetime are, how it ends and what we do with dead satellites.


Your recommended Future Space Career steps are:

  1. Study our online courses available on the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy (this website).
  2. Search for jobs on Space Career websites recommended by us just to understand the job market needs (Shown on the home page).
  3. Move to further advanced studies on [The Remote Sensing Portal or EgSA Space Technology Portal].
  4. Plan and select your suitable university program based on the job market needs.
  5. Prepare your CV and apply in our recommended Space & Geospatial Career websites.
  6. Good Luck in your Space Career.


Now, Enroll, Become Certified and Enjoy!

1 - Certified Junior Astronaut Online Course & Tutorial

Put on your space suit and helmet and get ready to fly with satellites in space… Details

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