K-12 Online Training Courses, Tutorials, and Certificates List

BRS-Labs, as a Global Education Developer, is thrilled to bring Space Technology and Remote Sensing education to the students at K-12 level. The courses are presented in a simple and suitable way to form the first step of a bright career in those spectacular fields.

We offer 4 online courses (in the form of pre-recorded video tutorials) grouped as 3 sequential education levels: [Certified Junior Astronaut - Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter - Certified Junior Satellite Image Processing & Remote Sensing Specialist]. As a “Hexagon Geospatial Training Partner”, all the practical courses are based on ERDAS IMAGINE software.

The courses are available in English and Arabic languages only up till now. To become a translator partner and invest in translating our courses contact us.

To enroll and for any questions, contact us at:

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