IVY International Schools (Harmony Partner School) Develops Students’ Creativity & Innovation in Space & Satellite Engineering in collaboration with BRS-Labs


IVY International Schools (Harmony Partner School) Integrates Certified Junior Astronaut Certificate into its STEM Curriculum


IVY International Schools (Harmony Partner School) aim to create a practical collaborative learning environment that inspires self-confidence and encourages hands-on experience in space and satellite engineering and technology. Meanwhile, the K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy enables juniors to explore their passion for satellites and space technology and take their first steps on the path of a glowing career in these advanced professions. Therefore, IVY international Schools and The K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy have joined forces to develop an outstanding educational program that employs both theoretical principals and practical hands-on exercises to ignite the students’ passion towards space and satellites technology and to provide them with the knowledge and understanding of this constantly evolving field.

The Space Keys Educational Satellite Platform developed by the Egyptian Space Agency represents a part
of the practical and applied activities during the training sessions at IVY STEM International Schools


"IVY International Schools Develop Students’ Creativity & Innovation in Space and Satellite Engineering through 
Collaboration with K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy", said Ayman Salem,
CEO of Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs  “BRS-Labs”

IVY International Schools have a Space Team, Space and Rocketry Club, and Aerospace Engineers. Through this collaboration, the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy offers its “Certified Junior Astronaut Certificate” to students as a STEM Curriculum, and the Aerospace Engineers of IVY International Schools develop and offer the practical and applied Space and Satellites Activities based on this curriculum. The images show a leading group of space-passionate students during their sessions. This Space Engineering Program has already sparked the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm to learn more about this 21st century skill and technology.


The images show Mr. Agil Sharifov, an ex-principal of Harmony Science Academy in Texas, USA, and currently the Chief Executive Officer of
IVY International Schools in Egypt explaining to a leading group of space-passionate students during their Space Engineering session in the STEM Lab

The Space Engineering Program is a spectacular mix of the “Certified Junior Astronaut” program from the K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy and practical hands-on activities from IVY Schools.

The “Certified junior Astronaut” course is designed to spark the student’s interest in Space and Satellite technology. It follows a simple Q and A model to provide answers to conceptual questions including the following examples:

  • Is The Satellite Static or Does It Rotate in The Space?
  • How Can a Satellite Fly or How Could It Rotate in Its Orbit Without Falling on The Ground?
  • What Is the Importance of The Accurate Design of a Satellite Orbit?
  • What Are the Components of Space System?
  • What are the Components and Sub-systems of a Satellite?
  • How Can Satellites Be Launched?
  • When Does the Lifetime of a Satellite End?
  • How to become a future astronaut?

And many other space-related questions.

The practical activities and hands-on component of the program provided by IVY Schools include 4 activities as follows:

  • Exploring Satellite Main Components: using virtual reality environment, TDRS NASA online simulator, and design a satellite model 3D Printer.
  • Gravity and Satellite in Orbit Simulation: using PHET online simulator.
  • Satellite Builder from A to Z: Using online satellite builder to go through a complete process of designing a satellite for a certain mission.
  • Scientific Investigations Using Cube Satellite (Space Keys Educational Satellite Platform): It consists of the same onboard satellite subsystems, ground receiving and control station, solar panels, and other components, in addition to space simulators.


The images show one of the Aerospace Engineers of IVY International Schools explaining satellite orbit design and simulation using
PHET online simulator and the orbit design tutorials made by K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy of BRS-Labs

Finally, this program intends to provide an outstanding learning journey, not only for IVY Schools students, but also for all the students from different schools that are eager to provide their students with a world-class educational experience that really inspires self-confidence and encourages hands-on experience and independent study.

The video shows Mr. Agil Sharifov, Chief Executive Officer of IVY International Schools, introducing the partnership with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs and adding the Certified Junior Astronaut Certificate of the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy to the school's STEM Program





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