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Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs Students from Schools studying Space and Satellite Technology

The Image shows successful students from Bosanska Krupa high school celebrating the winning of their
school as the first "Certified Space & Satellite Technology School" in Eastern Europe


The video of announcing the first certified space and satellite technology school 


Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs (BRS-Labs) , a Hexagon’s Developing Education Partner, have recently offered their “ K12 Space and Satellite Technology School Program ” to study the basics of Space Science, Satellites, and Remote Sensing technologies, to a group of selected high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The students were excited about this opportunity and thrilled with the practical skills they have gained.

The training program of the “ K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy ” consists of three independent certification modules. The “ Certified Junior Astronaut ” certificate introduces the fundamentals of Space Science and Technology. The “ Certified Junior Satellite Image Analyst & Interpreter ” certificate shows how satellite imagery can be interpreted and analyzed and how to identify objects and detect their characteristics and inter-relations. Finally, the “ Certified Junior Satellite Image Processing & Remote Sensing Specialist ” certificate presents the fundamentals of Remote Sensing and offers practical application on real satellite imagery data. The practical part of this certificate is based on  ERDAS IMAGINE , Hexagon’s imagery processing and analytics SW. The students acquire basic image processing skills and get access to use ERDAS IMAGINE through the Campus-wide Grant program offered by Hexagon.

Mr. Ervin Ezic, the Principal of Bosanska Krupa High school, said "We are proud to have such an amazing collaboration with K12 Space Academy and we will continue to strive to be the type of school that parents can proudly send their children to! All our staff work tirelessly to create a positive environment in which the unique strengths and talents of each person are celebrated, thus building a cult of togetherness. It is this combination of focus on the academic success of our students, as well as their social and emotional well-being, that creates an environment in which they do amazing things this year. This award we got, is the best way to promote our values!!!! Thank you very much! Children are very thankful too".

Mr. Ervin Ezic, the Principal of Bosanska Krupa High school.


RTV USK Television Channel Celebrates the Second Certified
Space and Satellite Technology School from Eastern Europe

The official supervisors of the high school “ Gimnazija “Bihać ” with their students were invited by 
USK TV channel to speak about BRS-Labs’ educational program, its benefits, knowledge gained 
and its effect on the students future career

Ahmed Aly, the program manager of this school program, said “BRS-Labs Company has established the “ K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy ”, as an online education platform that introduces the basics of Space Science, Satellites, and Remote Sensing technologies to the schools’ students in the K12 grades aged 10 to 17 years old. This platform aims at attracting the attention of the students at this level to these spectacular fields. It enables them, not only to understand the basics of these technologies but also to plan their future career and academic studies step by step. Students are introduced to the current Space and Geospatial technology jobs available worldwide and their required qualifications as it is currently announced on the Space and Geospatial career websites recommended by BRS-Labs on the home page of the K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy ”. 

Ahmed Aly, BRS-Labs’ Program Manager of the school Program


BRS-Labs launched the “ K12 Space and Satellite Technology School Program ” as an initiative to make this training program available at schools in any country as an extra-curricular practical activity/module. This program is expected to be an eye-opener for students as it offers them the opportunity to acquire a new type of skills, and to try with their own hands the thrilling experience of satellite imagery processing and analysis.

The “ K12 Space and Satellite Technology School Program ” was offered to a total of 57 students from 5 different schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The students were grouped into 3 groups where each group studied one certification module. There was a competition to select the school with the highest number of successful students. The winning school was the High School “ Bosanska Krupa ”. Hence, the school was awarded the “ Certified Space & Satellites Technology School ” certificate offered by BRS-Labs.

The image shows the “Certified Space & Satellites Technology School” certificate offered by BRS-Labs to the winning school.

In addition to the online exams achieved by the students to receive their certificates, there was a seminar and a graduation event at the High School “ Bosanska Krupa ” where the program students demonstrated the skills and knowledge they gained and received their certificates. Students Azra Nuhić and Adna Dekanović presented the program. Then student Almina Handanović interpreted a satellite image captured from the ISS (International Space Station). Finally, the courses certificates were handed to the students.

Students Adna Dekanović (left) and Azra Nuhić (right) present the program.


The student Almina Handanović interpreted a satellite image captured from the ISS.


“The K12 Space Academy program is a program that was a challenge for my students and me. In addition, for students, the knowledge they have acquired through these courses is a kind of upgrade of knowledge from other subjects such as geography and math. I hope that my students have found common ground in their future professions, and I would like to thank Hexagon and Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs. I believe that our school will be an example to all other schools in the world. Finally, my students are very proud of our success and the reputation they have brought to their school.” Says Amna Dervišagić, the program coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The course was very interesting and easy to understand. I feel like I've learned a lot. I'm thankful for the opportunity to take the course and I'm sure it will aid me in the future.” Says Amela Arnautović, a superior student with a 100% exam score.

“This course taught me many skills, and the whole program gave us great interest. This was very interesting for me to study, watch videos, follow the lessons and make notes. Also, what I liked the most was that the exam was of the Open Book type. We were able to use our notes during the exam. This fact particularly impressed me because the program did not require our memory but understanding. I would be very glad if such a program is taught in my school as an extracurricular activity / practical module. Also, when approaching the program, during learning and taking the exam I did not have any problems. In my opinion, everything was well planned, organized, and prepared. The lessons were interesting, especially the pictures and videos. Also, the exam was not so difficult. I am glad to have participated in a program like this” says Erna Halkić, another superior student with a 97% exam score.


Amna Dervišagić, the program coordinator (middle), celebrating the achievement of her superior students:
Amela Arnautović (right), and Erna Halkić (left).

 “This program was a successful complete prototype of deploying our K12 Space and Satellites Technology School Program on the ground in a school in East Europe. We intend to reach out to school students globally to offer them our eye-opener experience to pull their attention to these evolving 21st-century skills and technologies. We welcome cooperation with any school or organization wants to become an education partner to achieve a similar success story with schools in their country” Says Ayman Salem, the Executive Director of BRS-Labs.

Ayman Salem, the Executive Director of BRS-Labs


BRS-Labs, as a global education developer, designed the “ K12 Space Science and Satellites Academy ” website based on their domestically developed Learning Management System (BRS-Labs LMS) that was used originally with their prime education platform, the “ Remote Sensing Portal ”. The content, in the form of recorded video lectures, can be accessed anytime anywhere. The online exams take place three times a week to match different time zones. They are monitored in real-time using webcams. The exams system offers timely assistance to students via exam chat tool. BRS-Labs managed the program completely online and provided technical support to the students with the educational content and ERDAS IMAGINE licenses management. While Hexagon provided access to the ERDAS IMAGE license through the Campus-wide grant program.

One of the nice aspects of this program is that the main players are from three different continents. Hexagon from North America (USA), BRS-Labs from Africa (Egypt), and the High School “Bosanska Krupa” from Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Yet, the program was fully successfully managed online from start to end. This represents a tangible example of the new norms in delivering online education, practical training, testing and certification worldwide, where the service can be offered globally, timely, and regardless of any geographic distances and constraints.


The Speech of Mladen Stojic, the President of Geospatial in Hexagon, regarding BRS-Labs' courses


The students watching the explanation offered by their colleagues during the graduation seminar


Amna Dervišagić, the K12 education program coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina









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